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Rebel Ships

The Rebel Fighters
The Rebels have had lots of fighters and many of them have been part of the attack on the Death-Star. They are The N-1 StarFighter, the X-Wing, the Y-Wing, the B-Wing, the A-Wing, the lesser known E-Wing and the one and only Millenium Falcon.

N-1 StarFighter



Y-Wing At it's best


The Millenium Falcon
This Fighter is one the fastest in the whole of the rebel fleet. It can travel at light speed and maneuver it way out of any problem. It played a key part in destroying the 2nd Death Star. It’s pilots were Han Solo and chewie, these two were smugglers that had prices on their heads thanks to Jabba the Hutt. It also belonged to Lando Calrssian who lost it to Han in a Poker Match. They are still good friends and trust each other now.
X-Wing Fighters
These fighter are very quick and played a key part in the destroying of both Death-stars by flying into the Vetelation ducks which led to the main reactor which is the main sorce of power, if destroyed it would destroy the Death Star with it.
The X-wing is about 12.5 meters long and gets its name from the shape of it's wings.
The Assult of the Death Star
All most all rebel ships were part of the assult on the Death Star from the X-wings to the A-Wings and many others like the main Command ships.