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Dark-Side Ships

Dark-Side Ships
The Dark-Side have had many ships so far. They have had the Trade Federation Droid control Ship, the Death Star 1, the Death Star 2, and the Star destroyers. All of these were very powerful however the most powerful one of them all has got to be the Death Stars. It had the power to destroy planets and huge ships. in order to land troops the Dark-Side used shuttles like this one.......

There were also many different sorts of TIE Fighters, which were released by Star Destoryers and Super Star Destroyers.

TIE Interceptor

TIE Bomber

TIE Defender

TIE Fighter

Star Destroyer

Super Star Destroyer

The Death Stars
These were with out a shadow of a doubt were the most powerful Ships that the Dark-Side ever made. Grand Moff Tarkin designed the first one. The problem with the death star was that it was very slow to maneuver and the fact that small fighters could fly through the thermal exhaust, which led to the Main Reactor. This allowed fighters to fire at the main reactor and destroy the Death Star that is if they could get passed the formidable defenses of the Star destroyers and the small guns on the death. Not to mention the main weapon that can destroy planets with one shot.

The Dark-Sides Fighters
The dark-side have had lots of fighters since the beginning. They have had the Droid Fighter, the TIE Fighter and the TIE bomber. These are all very quick fighters but the fastest has to be the TIE Fighter. It could move at incredible speeds and had to be piloted by only the best Imperial Pilots.