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StarWars Moments

Whats this page about?
This page is bascially here to remind you of past and present Starwars moments since Starwars was released.

Starwars Hit the Cinemas
In 1977 the frist of the trilogy was released. It was a great hit and loads of people flock to see it. After 3 weeks it was stiil during in the crowds out side the cinema.
Starwars Is a Big hit
As soon as Starwars was released, millons of people fell in love with it. Goerge Lucas had found a gold mine and he was making lots of money.

The second Film
Starwars The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980 and was once again a big hit and thousands of people flock to see it. By this time loads of starwars products had benn released like Figures and modles.
The film was also the time where you find out that Luke Skywalkers farther was Darth Vader.
Next Film
Starwars Return of the Jedi was released in 1983 and was wait for it another great hit and was making lots of money all over the world. This conclude the last of the trilogy. In Return of the Jedi we found out Darth vaders past and how Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia where twins.

The Triloy On Video
After the frist three films were made out came the box set. The box sets sold like hot cakes and so did many other peices of Starwars merchandise.
Episode I, has been written.
In 1995 George Lucas finished writting Episode I and was getting the production team ready. George Lucas was not sure weather he should direct it or not. In the end he did decide to direct it and begin the production.

Episdoe I in the Cinemas
On the 26th of September Satrwars Episode I was released in Great Britain and thousands of people qued to see it on the first night amd many days afterwards.
Episode I on Video
On Monday 3rd April Starwars episode I was released on video. Lot's of people pre-ordered it so they could stand a chance of getting it on the day of release.

The Starwars Exhibition
In the Barbican center, London, England, the biggest Starwars collection of modles, artwork and Costumes ever seen in Britain arrived and was at the Barbican for four and a half months until it went on tour around the country.

Episode II set for release
Episode II will hope fully be released in the summer of 2002.